On approx. 1,800 m2 we offer you a wide variety of materials and supplies in the areas of:



From aquamarine to zucchini green, amongst our art supplies you will find everything you need, from A to Z, to create your very own artwork, be it with watercolor, oil or acrylic paint, pastel, coal or graphite.


Black or white, monochrome or colorful, smooth or rugged, rarely was there a material as flexible as paper. In our paper department you will find everything you need for cutting and gluing, scrapbooking, card making, origami and more…

Wool and handicraft

Two left, two right…
Knitting, crocheting, sewing, the right wool, the fitting needle, maybe a few nice buttons and a little bit of bravery, that’s all you need to create individual and unique clothes and accessories.


You want to decorate your wedding, spice up your breakfast table, throw a buzzing garden party and Christmas is coming again this year as well. We offer you an assortment of exotic dried flowers, wreaths, candles, ribbons, wires, Styrofoam shapes and all these little tidbits.

Beads and more

Ob Business-Look oder Indianersquaw, ein individueller Typ braucht auch individuellen Schmuck. Ob Finger-, Ohrring oder Halskette, mit ein paar Perlen, ein bisschen Draht, etwas Phantasie, vielleicht ein paar Federn und dem passenden Werkzeug erschaffen Sie sich einzigartige Accessoires.


How many colors does the rainbow have? We have more.
whether on fabric, terracotta or wood, silk or stone, metal or porcelain, mirrors or windows, with pen, brush or finger, we have the right paint for everything.


Do you have a thousand ideas and don’t know how to bring them to life? Do you know how but not what? Do you want to learn to knit socks or are interested in calligraphy, manga drawing and  oil painting? Our large assortment of manuals and practice books invites you to read, learn or just browse through the ideas of others.

And more…

If you haven’t found your favorite yet, We offer you a large choice of greeting cards and calendars, writing materials, ironing beads, material for making teddies, napkin technique, casting, building pyramids and many, many more.