Our new range of Beads

Whether you wish to make Necklaces, Earrings, Bead figures or somethng entirely different, in our new range of beads you will find a large selection of beads, accessoires and equipment for your beading needs.


Knitting is more popular than ever! The feeling of creating something yourself is unique, it makes us happy and fills us with pride.

In our often hectic everyday live, time-outs are more and more important. But we still don't want to miss the comfortable, smart and modern things of today. We might be looking for quiet and inner peace in activities that allow us make and create something useful, and some people even prefer knitting over yoga.

Combine the traditional and modern, and knit your very own individual Hat, insert the headphones and let yourself sink in to your own world.

With Earebel you can pull back from the everyday hassle, and make time of your own. Be it during knitting or while listening to your favorite music. It's the coolest and most comfortable way to wear headphones. Listen to music, make calls hands-free, do sports and experience the unique wearing comfort that Earebel hats offer you. Nothing slips, nothing pinches.